1. Hair dying extravaganza :)

  2. katlynart:

    I hadn’t seen this video yet till this morning but so great to see it! Black light music video. At the right place at the right time they needed someone to paint the masks, etc. Shot in Fort Lauderdale from a year or two ago. Fernando is an amazing up and coming Director make sure to check out more of his work!

    Director & Editor: Fernando Lugo
    D.P: Denis Dufresne 
    Dirty 1000 “Feeling Out My Element” MUSIC VIDEO
    TWITTER @FernandoLuFilms @Dirty1000


  3. jamilnasir:


    Echo Nittolitto was never a household name – unless your household was on the cutting edge of fashion photography, and then you not only knew of her, but probably regarded her with something like religious awe. Her announcement a few days ago – in a month when she is on the cover of four…

    Beautifully written. Gonna miss this amazing woman! 

  5. From yesterday morning creating with Christopher Ryan

  6. katlynart:

    New pieces. copyright Katlyn Hubner 2014

  7. By Robert Marinett

  8. outtake by Tim Didier on the last chicago trip from forever ago.