2. katlynart:

    👸 videography by @thecoopthecoop #thisneverhappened

  3. jacsfishburnephotography:

    Katlyn (August 22, 2014 | Tacoma, WA)

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    Um. i love Jacs.

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  4. katlynart:

    Your welcome to come listen :) #kampradio #thearchers #arizonastatecollege

  5. Big Bang Theory.



  6. Anonymous said: So far, after months of viewing your various sites, especially this one... I have yet to see anything which might, even vaguely, be considered 'bizarre'. Perhaps you are more normal than you imagine? =)

    thats probably the case. :) but I still weird people out all the time in day to day life. Maybe thats why I picked to put that in my catchline. I just have so many conversations where the energy drops, people give me the look, and I imagine a train crash noise. >_<

  7. kitty, kitty,


  8. Butts on 11th. 


  9. dafuq. 

  10. Bending Triangles.